Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Casey Month 2

Ok so I finally am getting a chance to post this, Casey is in the swing, so hopefully he'll give me 20 minuets to post an update on him!

 Casey has inherited his mother's worried face...all his pictures he looks concerned
Weight: 12 lbs. 9oz. (he was 7 lbs. 15oz. at birth)

Length: 23 inches

Eating: 4 oz. Mostly every 2 hours (unfortunately, he's a spitter-upper so he might be eating so often for comfort reasons, so we're in the progress with the doctor of figuring that out) Casey is bottle fed because of latching issues (bummer because I so wanted to breast feed, hopefully next baby!)  So I pump and because my supply is not super great I also formula feed. 

Sleeping Location: Casey will pretty much sleep anywhere which is nice...I try and have him sleep somewhere different through out the day so when he sleeps through the night he'll be ok with sleeping in the crib.  We've never had him sleep in our bed but we're always near.

Sleeping time:  He sleeps probably 20-30 minuet naps throughout the day, with maybe one or two longer naps in there.  He sleeps from 7pm or 8pm through to around 3 or 4 am and eats and then wakes up again around 5 or 6 am to begin his day again.

 still concerned
Mama sleep time: I sleep pretty good I go to bed around 8 and my husband takes the shift of putting Casey to sleep which can be a chore some/most night because although he's happy though the day he gets fussy around 6 pm.  I wake up around 12 am to take my shift with him but I just sleep when he sleeps.  All in all I sleep pretty good.

Mama Crazyness:  I'm doing pretty good, there was a while there where I was a hormonal mess.  I've already had my period...twice...Boo!  My body clock is super super regular, also not breast feeding helped with that little beauty.  So yeah Sunday I was in a puddle of tears all day long, pumping was really getting to me and my baby was awake all husband had to try and make sense out of my emotional rants...period came on Monday morning.

Miscellaneous: Casey is now playing, he's loving his floor mobile his Grandma Mary Jane bought him.  He also love his little bird mobile in his crib.  He's starting to like his swing too...thank the Lord I can put him down and put some make-up on once or twice a week!  High five!  He's also smiling at everyone and is so desperately trying to giggle.  It's so cute!

Rating: On a scale of one to ten how much to I love being a mama?  1 billion!  I love it so very much! I got to go he woke up hungry!

 this is how the photo-shoot ended, trust me my baby photos look the same

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Favorite Towel

This hippo towel was one of the first things we bought for Casey.  Casey is almost 2 months old so stay tuned this week for an update!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Happy Independence Day!