Wednesday, February 9, 2011

27 is almost 30 which is almost 40

27 weeks pregnant.  Hold the phone this is going by really fast now!  I went to the doctor on Monday and I had a good check up.  Baby Casey is active, currently he loves to kick my bladder, which is super fun.  (But I'd much rather him kick than not kick)  But I found out that I am labeled in my records as a "Nervous sort of person." I am thus labeled because they call my name at the doctors and immediately I have to sit down and they take my blood pressure.  And it's high, because the nurse is not very friendly and makes me nervous, and going to the doctor makes me nervous, and people calling my name makes me nervous, and having to go by myself makes me nervous...and yes I suppose I am rightfully labeled a "Nervous Sort of Person" but I didn't want them to know that!  Whatever, I can still eat sugar so that's a good thing, I had a piece of cheese cake last night.  However now I have to find myself a blood pressure thing so I can do it myself at home so they will know that I'm not always a "nervous sort of person." 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost but not Quite

Hello there! We've been enjoying beautiful spring-like weather recently so Chris and I have been trying to get out a little bit.  Last Friday we took a drive due west to see the ocean.  We went to Point Reyes because there is a old light house there and also the possibility of spotting a whale or two.

First I have to prepare myself for the trip...which altogether took a little less than 2 hours.  I am prone to car sickness, I had it bad when I was little and being pregnant it's horrible.  So we first ate lunch to fill my belly and then I had packed a lunch bag full of crackers, sour candy, and a fizzy drink. During the windy drive I was getting sick and I was already full and my husband was saying "keep eating" and we were laughing because I looked pathetic trying to eat from my little pack around my neck.  Anyways we got there.

 When we got there I realized that we had to walk a half a mile to get to the lighthouse....up hill.  Super lame! So we or I waddled on at a snails pace and my husband kindly walked with me and stopped with me when I needed it.  And I didn't complain...just kidding I complained the whole time.  Then we finally got to the light house information center...and I saw people passing me gasping for breath and saying "water!"  I looked down the path and saw the light house with about a billion stairs in between.  I looked at my husband and said "nope, not doing it!" 

The walk was enough for me.  Then we read the warning sign and it said that the decent and assent of the stairs like walking up and down a 30 story building.  That was it.  So we look for whales instead.  There were none.  But oddly enough the coast line is full of dairies so we saw a bunch of Happy California Cows.