Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy September!

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Hey everyone Happy September!  I'm happy to update that I got a job and we're connecting more with other people who live on campus.  My job is working for the same company that I used to work for (maternity clothes) and then I have to get one more job as well. Since the hubs is in school again I need to rake in more dough :)  I have had 2 interviews with other places and I'm waiting to hear back.  I went from not having very much hope to having lots to choose from.

Last night the Seminary held a church fair.  There was a pretty big turn out, both churches and students.  It was really cool because we got to walk up to every table and just ask them what they were about.  We went blindly to a new church on Sunday and although the preaching was good the overall atmosphere was stuffy.  So we were looking forward to getting a preview before we went out.  What I like about church is that there is something for every taste.  And that's the way it should be...the message should be the same but the styles can be different.  So we've got about 3 nailed down that we're looking forward to visiting in the coming weeks.   We got to connect with other couples who live in our village which was really fun.

I'm really liking it here...eh alright...I'm loving it!  Our last location never felt like home.  This feels much more homey!  I hope your September finds you as cozy as it finds me!

Genuine Comfort

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Yesterday I was talking with my husband about finding comfort in suffering.  Most of you know what a trying early summer we've had, and although I don't think about it all the time, there is sometimes where I get sad or emotional.  So I was expressing to my husband that even though I know all the right answers and intellectually I know why we have to suffer and all that...I could even tell someone in my situation the things that people tell me, but why doesn't that comfort?  I was even a struggle for my husband and I to talk without all that "things happen for a reason" stuff.  Which we all know, I know that God doesn't hate me and that there is a purpose for everything.

Well then we got past that stuff and began to talk for real.  How do you comfort someone?  What helps? We realized that this was an important conversation for us to have because we're essentially in training for our coming years in ministry.  What do you say to someone when they are suffering so it has a healing effect on their soul. We've heard

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. " James 1:2-3   

But has anyone been so bold as to say that to you when you're in the thick of suffering?  I don't know but if someone said that to me, I'd slap them!  Honestly I think we go through suffering so when someone comes to you for comfort you can be genuine in concern.  Everything is better when it's genuine.  I know that if someone came to me now wanting comfort I would just cry with them.  No words no "phrases of wisdom" just morn with them.  But I don't think you can do that unless you've suffered.  

Am I at a place where I can consider it pure joy? That's a tough one. I'm workin' on it :) Do any of you have a person in your life who genuinely comforted you in suffering? If you do I'd like to hear it!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Tour

Hello friends! Some of our friends and family have been asking for pictures, so here we go.  Yesterday we went about 5 minuets up the road and went into San Fransisco.  We went to Fisherman's Warf and Ghirardelli's Square.

It was very windy but overall a very nice day.  Last year my husband and I took his youth group to SF for a summer missions trip and we visited the square and something bad happened.  There is a cute little cupcake place in the square and as my hubs and I were eyeing it we saw a bird trapped inside.  Because we were just engaged and still very much in our honeymoon phase I asked my then fiance to save it!!!  Which he jumped right it to save the day.  He came upon the bird and tried to move it toward the door with his hat (the bird was so close) then the bird took off in the other direction then flew back toward Chris and bam! Flew straight into the widow and dropped.  He was dead.  My then fiance came out with the bird in his hat horrified! He saw me from a far and thought I was crying, but I was laughing.  (is that mean? I don't know it was pretty funny)  Anyways here he is at the scene of the crime

Then I saw this cute little Tea Shop that you can have a real tea party at...(Chris decided that's a place that I need to take girls to)

Then we ate Indian food for lunch (no pictures) We had it before when we were on our mission trip but we had someone order for us.  I didn't like what I picked out for myself.  Then we went to the Golden Gate Bridge on our way home.

Then we came home.  Here are some more shots from out side our home.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Move

 view from my window

Hello! It's been so long since I've posted! Last week was spent packing up our little apartment...not too interesting.  Then on Friday night we packed up the moving van and left our first home the next morning.

Since my husband wants to be a Pastor he has to finish his master's degree.  We decided to live on campus, because the campus is located in Marin County (which btw is the wealthiest county in the USA) (yikes is right) There would be no way for any student to live here without being able to live on campus for cheep.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the outside of our little apartment village...it's old for sure.  Then I saw the inside and both the kitchen and the bath are half the size of our previous apartment.  But when we started to unpack everything I saw how everything still fit here just maybe in a different place.  As we set up more and more of the house I started to like where we live more and more.  I think the best part is that we live in nature...it's like being at camp but all my stuff is here!  My last apartment had a few patches of grass here and there but that was it as far as nature was concerned.  (Trees make a living space a home)

Anyways my hubs started school Monday and landed himself a job on Tuesday.  I've very proud of him! I, however, have had 2 interviews and still nada :( I'm kind of bummed but I'm going to keep trying!  I'm praying for 2 things, a job, and a friend.  I'm sure that God has plans for both I just have to keep trusting!

P.s. I'm going to send my hubs out to take some pictures because I'm not good at it...more pics to follow.  I've missed you all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Quarter of a Century

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25 ugh! I cannot believe that today I am 25.  It feels like only yesterday I was 10 and completely stoked about my new Barbie carrying cases (hot pink and purple you know).  Time flies, everyone is growing up having babies and my parents and my parents friends are becoming grandparents. My sister made me a scrapbook filled with pictures of this past year.  I was thinking about how I used to look through my baby picture book growing up and seeing all the people who have known me since birth and thinking "look how young they look!"  I was thinking that soon my kids will be saying soon..."look how young you were!" Ah! Oh well, this is all in good fun but I seriously pray that the next 25 years go by a lot slower!  

Monday, August 16, 2010


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Sorry I haven't written much lately! There's been so much going on, trying to pack and get everything situated.  But this post has nothing to do with that :)

We listen to sermons on Pod-Casts.  I think I've talked about this before but there are a few churches we follow as much as we can by downloading their sermons (for free) to our ipods and listen to them.  The latest one we listen to was by Francis Chan.  (you know him Crazy Love author and all that) Anyways he and his family are embarking on a new journey, leaving their church and serving God in a new mission field.  Anyways his parting words were about the confidence we have as Christ followers and how separation from God is the worst of the worst.  Sometimes I forget what a reality this is.  People are going to be separated from God forever.  Not only just separated but an eternity of suffering.

So as Christ Followers we should be taking this seriously.  I started thinking where is God going to use me to reach these people?  I very much think my ministry is always going to involve women, possibly young women.  My heart is growing more and more compassionate towards young women.  I kept thinking about that phrase of "Speaking into the hearts of..." To me it's like pouring water into an empty cup.  I think my compassion is growing toward young women because so many women recently have been speaking into my heart, and I know how much I need it.  I know that in order to do this God is going to put me through experiences that enhance my ability to speak into hearts, but that also means having people speaking into mine.  It also means that I need to have my questions answered, like What does God really feel about me/women?  I need to be more intentional about seeking these answers.

So today I feel like is a good day to encourage you all that even though you might not always feel it, you have an important role to play in expanding the Kingdom.  You've been through things to speak into others hearts, to pour healing water into empty glasses.  My prayer is that our eyes be opened this week who we can encourage! We've got some watering to do!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog: Under Construction

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So I didn't realize that I could label everything I write about.  Until I did, and now I have. :) So I'm in the process of getting Zuzu's spruced up, adding labels to all my posts.  It's still a work in progress (because I got tired of doing it right now) But you can now go to one page to find all the movies, which is really the point of posting those.  I wanted to have sort of a Library of favorites for me and anyone else interested to be able to go to.  And as I was going though them I realized I have so many more stories to share. But as for me now, it's 7:30 am on the button and I have to get up and get ready for my last day at my current job.  (not really a sad thing) And then off to my Mom and Dad's house.  Happy Friday to all of you, my dear friends!  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life: Under Construction

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The title seems fitting right now.  Back in November my husband and I were married.  Right before I walked down the isle I had a defining conversation with a good friend.  We're very similar and somehow she knew that although I was so excited to be marrying the man I love, that it was also a bitter-sweet moment in my life.

Last year her father's life was cut short.  Though he was a believer, it was still such a shock for her.  (Being a Daddy's-girl myself, I can understand the heart break she must have gone through) She said that through this lesson God was trying to get her to only find comfort in Him.  That this is a lesson that God has been teaching her for a long time.  Little did I know on that day how much this conversation was going to mean to me.  And that God was going to begin teaching me that lesson that very day.

I was very comfortable before November 2009.  I lived in a town I knew like the back of my hand, went to church in a place that was familiar as my own home, and I had my entire family minuets away. But then once we were married all that changed.  New town, new church, new everything.  I cannot say that it's been a comfortable experience.  I know that God is trying to get me to find comfort in Him alone and I can say that I've been rejecting His offer, and seeking comfort in other places.  Only to come up empty after 9 months.

So my news is that we're moving.  We're doing it all over again!  My husband is currently working as a Youth Pastor.  But he still needs more units in order to complete his Master's so he can be an official Pastor.  So we're moving up to a town near San Fransisco so he can finish up his Masters.  Which is exciting because you can see San Fran from where we'll live across the ol' bay. But this means once again being in a new place and we don't know anyone.  We have a little over 2 weeks until we make the big move.  I just hope that this time I will let God be my comforter! I'll be keeping you posted...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Under Construction

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This title has so many meanings.  I could talk about how my blog is under construction...or how my life is under construction.  Either way...it works.  I hope to be sharing some new news with you soon.  But as it is so far I haven't been blogging lately because I'm not a good secret keeper and since this involves more people than me, I've been keeping it.  So tomorrow then? Ok. See you then!