Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Blessing For Today

 Brooke Fraser - Hymn (with lyrics)

So I stumbled across this song today and I'm hooked.  I'm the kind of person that really listens to lyrics.  I have to know what the song is saying so I'll listen to it till I understand.  This song makes me so emotional because it gives such a lush picture of Christ's love.  How often do you think "What's it going to take for God to realize that I'm not worth it?"  I am guilty of this thought.  We are all haunted by questions we find hard to answer concerning is "does he like me?" This song is soo beautiful and it answers my question.  I hope it blesses you too!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love & Respect

 source photo

I just finished "reading" (not really I was listening to it on my ipod) Love And Respect by Emerson Eggerichs.  It was suggested to Chris and I to read it before we got married, however in the "honeymoon" stage we were in, we tried but didn't relate to anything.  After 8 months of marriage (so long huh?!) the book was much more relate-able to me.  I listened to this after I listened to the famed The Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman.  I have to say although the love languages was interesting I was disappointed with the small amount of Biblical application/inspiration.  Love And Respect had a lot more Scriptural usage.

Personally what I got out of this book is some really lovely conviction.  How is conviction lovely? Because I needed it, the spirit was working gently within my heart using this book to speak to me. I think it's so easy for me and maybe other women to notice all our husbands mistakes in early (or late) marriage and feel like I'm/we're doing so much better at this.  Well thank you Holy Spirit for showing me that my pride was sinful and pointing me in the right direction.

As I was listening to this book I am/was also going though a period of feeling far away from God.  I feel very far away and very worn out.  I'm desperate to re-kindle my relationship with Christ and thankfully this book came along.  I was seeking a way to let Christ know how much I love express this in a tangible way. This need is obviously more for me than it is Him, who knows all things. But this book lead me to a great way to love Christ though my obedience.  I can show my love for Christ through my Respect for my husband! Yay! I can do that!  Paul instructs the Ephesians to Men, love their wives as Christ loved the church, being willing to sacrifice their lives for them; and Women respect their husbands.  We are to do each of these thing unconditionally.

I know that you gals probably have this down-pat but it's nice to have a reminder that, as the book says, "Everything you do for your husband, you do for Christ." So lets treat them beautifully because Jesus deserves it (and they do too...I know mine does) :)   

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday Tales

My first movie selection is Dinner at Eight made in 1934.  At this time movie making is still new, which for me means that it's still a little more like a play then movies we are familiar with.  I love plays so this one is good for someone like me.  A synopsis in a sentence is "a Society couple in New York City invites people over for dinner." But it's so much more, we meet everyone she invites and see intimate and realistic portraits of each guest.  What's interesting about this is that at the time this film was made America was going through the Great Depression.  This movie was about society people, and it is real, and often sad.  The point being that for the people who scraped together 30 cents to see a movie got to see that maybe the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  A feel good movie? For us probably not, but to the audience of the day...yes.  Maybe their lives didn't seem so bad.  It's very good, not as depressing as I am depicting, but real.  (Also amazing clothing!)

Secondly is Double Indemnity made in 1944. An insurance sales men played by Fred MacMurray, show up to a home to sell insurance to a couple.  The wife shows no interest in the husband but flirts with the sales man.  She has motives and it's to make to see what happens! I love this movie.  It's a thriller, very well done!

I try to suggest movies that you are sure to enjoy if you ever gave old movies a try! You can catch these on Turner Classic Movie, or if you have a Netflix account, or purchase on Enjoy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breaking My Slience

 source photo 
(I did not take this picture nor did it look like this cause it was overcast, but this is where I was)

Are you ready for me again? Sorry gals...I haven't written in a loooong time! The first reason was that I didn't have anything to say.  (Also this is my 100th post and I had a plan that God changed for this post, so I was saving it but then I decided to get over it) Then I went with my family on Vacation.

I love vacation! My side of the family has been vacationing in July on the Coast for a while now.  It gets so hot here...yesterday was 110 degrees :P so it's nice to have a break.  I never laugh as much as when we're on vacation.  We went antiquing which was so fun...I got 11 beautifully patterned old handkerchiefs, I have plans for them someday!

Also my husband took me on an "adventure."  He loves to be spontaneous and we had a day where we could venture out together.  First we went to coffee and talked with a local townie/coffee maker dude, who (because he must have forgotten that he lives in a picturesque beach town and is super lucky) told us that there is nothing to do here.  I thought in my head..."seriously dude?! You don't know what you just did to my relaxing day!" My husband loves to have permission to take me on an adventure.  He told us that Big Sur (FYI see my sis's blog "How Sweet It Is" if you want to see pictures of Big Sur) was just 40 minuets away, but it gets a little windey on the way up.

So we start driving...I'm not ok with this but, we go.  Did I tell you I get car sick...oh no? Well my husband knows I get car sick but still we went.  It's ok...little windey but beautiful on the way until...oh man back and forth up and down.  Back and forth up and down.  After 40 minuets I express with a pale face...HOW MUCH LONGER? We look at a map...2 hours away!  Not 40 minuets! LAIR COFFEE DUDE!  Needless to say we did not make it to Big Sur...I will just look at Steph's pictures and keep my lunch in.

Moral of the story....never believe a local townie who lives in a completely gorgeous place that "there's nothing to do here!"  Also don't take your wife on mountainous drives when she gets car sick....that one is just for my hubs...