Sunday, June 26, 2011

Casey at one month

little smile
In an effort to make this a place where family and friends can see how little Casey is growing I'm going to do my best to post pictures of my little guy more frequently....As a new mom it's been hard to focus on the picture-taking because, well it's hard taking care of a newborn!!

 Casey with Ellie and Grandma and Grandpa
So highlights from month one.  The first week of Casey I was still recovering from a "hick-up" in my birthing experience...involving not being able to go "number one" because my bladder was traumatized. So that wasn't fun, also the hormones were not fun either.  But Casey was a little bundle of joy!  He came out very mellow...and is still living up to that for now.  He getting to like baths more he smiles at least once a day at each person.  He loves to watch people especially his cousin, Jaxon, who is one year older than him!  I can see that Jaxon can't wait to play with Casey but for now brings him blankets when he's adorable.  Casey's other cousin Ellie can't wait to play with him either! She loves babies and I know she's already a natural mother!  Casey is not much into toys yet, every time we present him with one he would rather look at the person who brought the toy than the toy itself.

 Casey with Grandma
Casey has proven to be a trooper traveler as we have visited my husband family and friends this month.  He really likes the car as long as it's moving.  It reminds me of his first car ride home when we drove 5 miles an hour and whispered to each other comments about how good he was being and to be careful about the bumps in the road....we pretty much held our breath the whole time!

 Casey's first month picture
Casey is a good eater, gaining lots of weight!  He spits up a lot and I know that it bothers him sometimes so that breaks my heart!  He's not too fussy, on a rare occasion he takes a while to be consoled but it's mostly when his routine is off or if he's had a bad spit up day.

 Casey with Daddy
We love him very much and it's been a joy and a blessing to watch my husband become a father!  As for now we are working on getting him to sleep in his crib and enjoying his smiles, and cries, fusses, wiggles, everything!  You are our precious gift Casey!    


  1. He's darling Meg! I hope you are all doing well! Think of you often... ~Kristin

  2. Oh Meg - he's so precious!