Friday, June 14, 2013

The Other Half

I recently posted pictures of Camille's side of the room and promised to post Casey's side once I was done.  My mom made this beautiful baseball quilt for his little bed and it turned out so great!  His bed is from Ikea and we love it because it's close to the ground but also has the bars on the side so he can get in and out with ease but not roll off at night.  However unless you like the strange bedding that Ikea offers for this bed you have to find a way to have your bedding customized, because it's wider than a crib mattress could fit and not as wide or as long as a twin.  So I am blessed to have both a mother-in-law and a mom who can sew!

Casey boy just turned 2 in May and he is a very fun little toddler!  Right now we're working on developing his language and he is using new words every day.  Some times I feel like he's behind a little bit with it but every one develops differently and I feel like it's always positive when I can see that progress is being made!  It's so fun as a parent to watch your child develop as an individual!  Right now he spends probably equal parts of the day being energetic and crazy running all over the house and yelling words I do not understand, he's very dramatic in his play, and then being quiet and calm playing by himself or wanting to be cuddled.  Honestly I enjoy both sides, it's fun to see him imagining and playing even if it gets loud.  Discipline is still something we are working out.  I'm pretty fortunate that he doesn't like being in trouble so one time-out a day usually reminds him that he has to chill out on some things.  But I know this is just the beginning of the "terrible-twos" so although we have chosen not to spank I know that I'm going to have to get creative but always stay consistent.

I'm looking forward to watching Casey become a big brother in just a few weeks. I felt even as a baby that Casey possessed the kind of sweetness my brother has and that he'd be a great big brother for a girl.  I used to jump on top of my sleeping brother on Saturday mornings and wake him up to watch cartoons with me by opening his eyelids, so unintentionally terrible of me, but he was very good-natured with me. For a while I was nervous about having two kids and how I'm going to deal with it.  But I am trying to find peace and comfort in the Lord and just telling myself that my children will adjust to each other and we will all be learning together.  I don't feel like last time I was very easy on myself, I think that fed into my anxiety.  This time I am going to take it day by day and try and remind myself that everything is going to work themselves out.        

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