Saturday, October 2, 2010


I've been going through a season of feeling very far away from God.

There have been times where my passion and excitement for Jesus as been on fire! It's the most wonderful place to be. Safe and secure in the love and peace of Christ.  A place where everything seems to be an opportunity and joy is all around.  This doesn't mean everything was perfect in my life at the time, in fact there was a lot of uncertainty, but I was fully engaged in worshiping the Lord.

I know that there are time when our relationship with God goes through ebbs and flows...But I feel like I'm in a serious ebb.  


  1. Praying you see Him a million times today and feel Him near twice as much!


  2. Megan! I just read your last couple of blog posts (our internet has been down for a while...and I hate it)

    So...this is a little late...but CONGRATULATIONS! So exciting! I can't wait til Jon and I begin on that journey ;)

    Praying for you and Chris. And I feel like I just passed through a time where I felt the same way as you do in this post. But because of it I now feel that much more stronger and closer to Him. Hand in there-cling to Him no matter what!