Thursday, October 28, 2010


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Well...where did October go?  I hope you all had a good one! I'm doing pretty good.  I'm in my 12th week (the last week of my first trimester) and getting excited!  Of course their are a few changes going on that everyone should be aware of:

Number One: I am hormonal.  I have mood swings like nobodies business.  Last night my husband and I were talking about sleeping (I have mad heartburn so it's uncomfortable to sleep) and I was saying that he didn't know what it was like to be pregnant.  Then he said..."this is hard for me too, I have to deal with something...your hormones."  I laughed because it's true...and I don't really feel bad, only when I reflect on how many times a day I am happy and then immediately mad...then I feel a little..nope it passed.

Number Two:  I am hormonal.  This makes me very sensitive.  I am very offended by people telling me or my husband that we shouldn't find out what we're having.  I am also very offended by people being Giants haters.  I don't like going on facebook and seeing all the things my family members posted about the Giants being booed and nay-sayed.  That's not nice, we're Giants fans and 90 percent of the time, being a Giants fan means you are rooting for a loosing team.  Can't you let us just enjoy it?

Number Three: I am hormonal.  Prone to rants.  Prone to bursting into tears.  Prone to impatience. Prone to being crazy.

Number Four: I don't think this feeling is going away anytime soon :(


  1. Meg~

    I'm laughing b/c during one pregnancy I said to my man "you have no idea what this is like" and he responded "sure I do! I'm living with you". I only wish now that I would have laughed. ; )

    Enjoy those little baby flutters and kicks. That was my favorite part of expecting!


  2. Love you anyway! Sending a hug :-) This too shall just may take 6 months!

  3. Haha! Oh sister! Here is my advice- lots of water! TUMS are your friend, don't eat right before bed, and try and sleep a little propped up, not flat on your back. As far as the hormones go, they will get better in the middle and worse in the end. I could cry at pretty much anything right now :) but there was a break in the second tri. Try and keep things in perspective and know that this IS hormones... when the body starts changing the insecurities can get a little overwhelming- keep talking to Chris and letting him know how you feel- it helps! You can call me too if you need to rant, I know how you feel :) LOVE YOU!!

  4. Hi Meg dear! You've been tagged over at Windy Poplars today in "The Holiday Tea Party"! Hope you have fun joining in the festivities! Enjoy your weekend to the max...hope all is well! ~K from WP

  5. LOL Kinda loving this rant! I am heading into week 20 and sadly the mood swings haven't improved much... it's insane how quickly I can go from giddy to murderous! Hee hee Congrats anyway and good luck fending off those haters!