Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Top Items in Variety

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So it's been so long since I last blogged.  Mostly because I could not string two sentences together that were not dripping in hormonal ranting.  Seriously! I tried and tried to write but all my drafts were completely nonsensical! So let me give it a try today and we'll see how it goes!

So God has blessed me with a really good job while we're here in the Bay Area.  So I'm working full time which, so far, is going really well.  God is giving me the energy to stand all day and He is also giving me the patience to talk to people all day...which is the most challenging.  But it keeps me pretty busy.  The worst part about working full-time is that I only have a chance to do house work on my days off.  So things pile up and my days off aren't really "days off."

The hubs and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Sunday.  It sounds horrible, but we wanted to kiss this past year good-bye in hopes that this next year would be better for us.  We love each other so much but the stresses medical emergencies and moving twice and still feeling like "we don't belong here"  was not exactly the "honeymoon year" that people dream of.   It was the looooongest year of my life.  So Good-bye Year One...and Hello Year Two, please be nice to us.

Yesterday I had my second doctor's appointment and heard my baby's heart-beat for the first time.  Not knowing anything about these monthly doctor's appointments, I didn't know that listening to the baby was on the agenda, so my husband missed it because he was in class.  Oops.  I felt so bad! But we're both happy that I heard it, and everything is going well.  I also got shanghaied into getting a flu shot.  I've heard negative things about getting a flu shot and the possible effects on baby so I wasn't really going to get one.  But my doctor said that they had one and they were going to give me one, I didn't feel like it was an option.  So I prayed that everything will be ok.

So now I'm 15 weeks along! I really love pickles and egg salad sandwiches featuring cut up pieces of pickles!  Other than that I eat a lot of soup, which I attribute with keeping me healthy, cause I haven't gotten sick yet...and I need to keep it that way!  I still fit into my clothes, even though I've got a little pouch tummy but I still just look like I've gained weight.  And truthfully between my tummy and my Ach-hem...chest...the chest is winning by far.  Holy cow! I mean I was so small before I didn't even wear a bra, now I'm bursting out of my B-Cup getting ready to move into C's! Crazy!

So that's pretty much what has been going on for us.  Until next time...thanks for stopping by today!     


  1. I'm glad you posted an update...you're almost 1/2 way there! How exciting!!

  2. Yay for 1 year and 15 weeks!! You ARE almost 1/2 way there :)

    As far as the flu shot, because you are due in May I am not sure it was necessary, however as far as I know it is completely safe for you and baby and pregnant women are at a higher risk to get the flu. I got one as baby will be born in the middle of flu season... so I wouldn't worry about it. You can't get the flu from it, it's a dead virus.

  3. I didn't know you were in the Bay area! We have some friends that started a church called South Bay out in the silicon valley!
    And I'm glad you're back! :)

  4. year #2 is bound to be better because you'll be welcoming a sweet babe into the fam!

    it's so funny how i'd die to live where you are so i could be back home and you'd die to leave! ha!

    happy 15 weeks! it is tough to work full time while pregnant. i was supposed to have 3 weeks of rest after my full time job ended and before baby #1 arrived. baby boy came the night of my very last day of work. good timing, i guess. just no rest! get rest while you can... it's better to have a not-so-clean house and be well rested! - i'm learning that!