Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pregnancy Books

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So the joints in my hips have been and the muscles in my lower back have been hurting recently.  I remember reading a few weeks ago that this pain was normal and expected.  This week I have been working more than normal and so that means standing for longer than usual.  So I was reading in my Pregnancy Books about what to do if you experience this kind of pain.  As I was reading I realized Pregnancy Books should come with warning lables....and here's why....

Here I am reading along about this kind of lower back pain.  The book tells me that this pain is normal caused by the hormone "relaxin" that is released during pregnancy to loosen up those muscles to make it easier for baby.  Fine.  Then they say that I can stretch and take warm baths and take more opportunities to sit though out they day. Fine.  THEN I read that oh, this kind of pain may also be a sign of pre-term labor. Oh thank you very much for that.  This was also the day where my baby was moving like crazy and with that little nugget of fear implanted in my brain I think "Oh my goodness he's trying to get out!"  And I ran to the bathroom like every 10 minuets.  He's fine.  He now has fully functioning ears and likes to dance and kick and let me know he can hear me or daddy.

Side note: this Sunday at church baby Casey was kicking to the music during worship...then about half way though the sermon he fell asleep.  I think I have a normal child, don't you?

Anyways...I really hate that these books say everything is perfectly fine and normal and then oh P.S. this also could be a sign of something going horribly wrong.  Boo Pregnancy Books...I have enough to worry about with out you!    

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