Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love & Respect

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I just finished "reading" (not really I was listening to it on my ipod) Love And Respect by Emerson Eggerichs.  It was suggested to Chris and I to read it before we got married, however in the "honeymoon" stage we were in, we tried but didn't relate to anything.  After 8 months of marriage (so long huh?!) the book was much more relate-able to me.  I listened to this after I listened to the famed The Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman.  I have to say although the love languages was interesting I was disappointed with the small amount of Biblical application/inspiration.  Love And Respect had a lot more Scriptural usage.

Personally what I got out of this book is some really lovely conviction.  How is conviction lovely? Because I needed it, the spirit was working gently within my heart using this book to speak to me. I think it's so easy for me and maybe other women to notice all our husbands mistakes in early (or late) marriage and feel like I'm/we're doing so much better at this.  Well thank you Holy Spirit for showing me that my pride was sinful and pointing me in the right direction.

As I was listening to this book I am/was also going though a period of feeling far away from God.  I feel very far away and very worn out.  I'm desperate to re-kindle my relationship with Christ and thankfully this book came along.  I was seeking a way to let Christ know how much I love him...to express this in a tangible way. This need is obviously more for me than it is Him, who knows all things. But this book lead me to a great way to love Christ though my obedience.  I can show my love for Christ through my Respect for my husband! Yay! I can do that!  Paul instructs the Ephesians to Men, love their wives as Christ loved the church, being willing to sacrifice their lives for them; and Women respect their husbands.  We are to do each of these thing unconditionally.

I know that you gals probably have this down-pat but it's nice to have a reminder that, as the book says, "Everything you do for your husband, you do for Christ." So lets treat them beautifully because Jesus deserves it (and they do too...I know mine does) :)   


  1. Beautiful! (Btw...while I would LOVE to say I have it down, I don't....even after nearly 8 years of marriage) :)

  2. Jon and I read that book before we got married. I agree that it was hard to relate to at first for me too...but now I find myself reverting back to it a lot. And I was surprised not at the respecting my husband part, but at how much it means to my husband when I actually tell him how much I respect him. Crazy...I thought "I love you" said it all :)

    Thanks for the reminder that respecting our husbands is a form of showing our love to Christ as well....it's easy for me to forget and not always see it that way.

  3. Hello dear! I just went through that book this past school year w/ two friends of mine as a bible study. You're right. It was great! AND convicting! Thanks for reminding me of some of the truths that were held in that book. I will try and keep them fresh this week as we enjoy our vacation together (even more opportunity to apply :-). Talk with you later,

  4. I've been married for 11 years and I still need work with this. You're so right about our pride getting in the way of true respect!

  5. we started that study in our small group and it is amazing! so convicting and so healthy for marriage! sorry i haven't been by lately! i've missed you! : )