Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Blessing For Today

 Brooke Fraser - Hymn (with lyrics)

So I stumbled across this song today and I'm hooked.  I'm the kind of person that really listens to lyrics.  I have to know what the song is saying so I'll listen to it till I understand.  This song makes me so emotional because it gives such a lush picture of Christ's love.  How often do you think "What's it going to take for God to realize that I'm not worth it?"  I am guilty of this thought.  We are all haunted by questions we find hard to answer concerning is "does he like me?" This song is soo beautiful and it answers my question.  I hope it blesses you too!


  1. Does he like me? ..That is a question I have had for so long... I am amazed to hear someone else say the same thing..

    I have to keep my computer quiet right now, but i can't wait to come back later and listen to this song.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Meg. :)

  2. I love Brooke Fraser...her voice is amazing and her songs are beautiful!

  3. what an amazing song full of such beautiful Truth! i love brooke fraser.... "clinging to the cross" is my fave!

  4. Hi Meg! Your homemade tomato sauce sounds divine! I'm going to have to try that soon now that our tomatoes are starting to ripen in larger batches. Thanks for sharing the idea! - Oh, and you're so sweet to say that about my voice. In reality, I hate my voice, and I hate hearing it - I almost put a disclaimer in the vlog saying "I really don't sound like that", but then decided I needed to bite my vanity in the bud.- I guess we all think the worst of ourselves, but the best about others, huh? Sorry to reply to you on here-I know this has nothing to do w/ your post, but you still haven't checked your "show e-mail" box in your profile so I can respond to your comments via e-mail ;-) Sending a hug your way! Have a great weekend my friend...