Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday Tales

My first movie selection is Dinner at Eight made in 1934.  At this time movie making is still new, which for me means that it's still a little more like a play then movies we are familiar with.  I love plays so this one is good for someone like me.  A synopsis in a sentence is "a Society couple in New York City invites people over for dinner." But it's so much more, we meet everyone she invites and see intimate and realistic portraits of each guest.  What's interesting about this is that at the time this film was made America was going through the Great Depression.  This movie was about society people, and it is real, and often sad.  The point being that for the people who scraped together 30 cents to see a movie got to see that maybe the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  A feel good movie? For us probably not, but to the audience of the day...yes.  Maybe their lives didn't seem so bad.  It's very good, not as depressing as I am depicting, but real.  (Also amazing clothing!)

Secondly is Double Indemnity made in 1944. An insurance sales men played by Fred MacMurray, show up to a home to sell insurance to a couple.  The wife shows no interest in the husband but flirts with the sales man.  She has motives and it's to make to see what happens! I love this movie.  It's a thriller, very well done!

I try to suggest movies that you are sure to enjoy if you ever gave old movies a try! You can catch these on Turner Classic Movie, or if you have a Netflix account, or purchase on Enjoy!

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