Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog: Under Construction

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So I didn't realize that I could label everything I write about.  Until I did, and now I have. :) So I'm in the process of getting Zuzu's spruced up, adding labels to all my posts.  It's still a work in progress (because I got tired of doing it right now) But you can now go to one page to find all the movies, which is really the point of posting those.  I wanted to have sort of a Library of favorites for me and anyone else interested to be able to go to.  And as I was going though them I realized I have so many more stories to share. But as for me now, it's 7:30 am on the button and I have to get up and get ready for my last day at my current job.  (not really a sad thing) And then off to my Mom and Dad's house.  Happy Friday to all of you, my dear friends!  


  1. Meg, congrats on the new things going on in your life! I know this is probably a big change for you but a good change. I hope the transition is smooth and that you quickly feel at home in San Francisco. Praying for you guys!

  2. Hello Meg Dear! I'm very excited to hear about your move! What an adventure :-) Can't wait to follow along as you take these next steps.~ I'm ripe for an adventure myself. Started looking into some land for sale in our area. We'll see what God has in store! Have fun updating your tags and such. It will be a wonderful resource to have all your movies in one place. In case I didn't tell you already, DH and I enjoyed GiGi on our vacation last month, and I thought of you! Your review is what inspired the idea :-) Have a lovely Tuesday...