Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life: Under Construction

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The title seems fitting right now.  Back in November my husband and I were married.  Right before I walked down the isle I had a defining conversation with a good friend.  We're very similar and somehow she knew that although I was so excited to be marrying the man I love, that it was also a bitter-sweet moment in my life.

Last year her father's life was cut short.  Though he was a believer, it was still such a shock for her.  (Being a Daddy's-girl myself, I can understand the heart break she must have gone through) She said that through this lesson God was trying to get her to only find comfort in Him.  That this is a lesson that God has been teaching her for a long time.  Little did I know on that day how much this conversation was going to mean to me.  And that God was going to begin teaching me that lesson that very day.

I was very comfortable before November 2009.  I lived in a town I knew like the back of my hand, went to church in a place that was familiar as my own home, and I had my entire family minuets away. But then once we were married all that changed.  New town, new church, new everything.  I cannot say that it's been a comfortable experience.  I know that God is trying to get me to find comfort in Him alone and I can say that I've been rejecting His offer, and seeking comfort in other places.  Only to come up empty after 9 months.

So my news is that we're moving.  We're doing it all over again!  My husband is currently working as a Youth Pastor.  But he still needs more units in order to complete his Master's so he can be an official Pastor.  So we're moving up to a town near San Fransisco so he can finish up his Masters.  Which is exciting because you can see San Fran from where we'll live across the ol' bay. But this means once again being in a new place and we don't know anyone.  We have a little over 2 weeks until we make the big move.  I just hope that this time I will let God be my comforter! I'll be keeping you posted...


  1. I can really relate to this. We moved away from family and the comfort I knew when I was first married... and have since moved for various job related reasons multiple times. Each time throwing me into another opportunity to stretch and grow. :) I can tell you from experience... Jesus really is enough. He has been faithful every time. In fact...I am packing my house for another move right now. But this time, 14 years into my marriage, God is taking us back to family. But I am going home as a new person... closer to God and closer to my husband. I will pray for you... that He will meet you in the difficult places. I know He will... because He is faithful.

  2. Moving away from a place you are familiar with and love...that has all of your loved ones and friends is very hard. I totally understand. Josh and I have moved...oh...5 times in the last 7 1/2 yrs. This last move has been particularly lonely. So I totally understand. I pray that this move will be a good one for you guys! I wish you both the very best :)

  3. I hope this will be a really good experience for you and that in this time you will be able to draw nearer to God. It's something we're all probably learning. I know I am. ..To look to him, trust in him, find our answers in him, know him.. Saying a prayer for you and the big move.
    With love*

  4. P.S. I love your new blog look!!!

  5. Praying for you guys, Megan...that you will feel at home and will love your new location...that the Lord will give you such joy. Chris and I spent our first 2 years of marriage away from family and while it was hard at times, we both feel it was so good for our marriage. We learned to go to each other more for advice, needs, etc. rather than our families. And we had a LOT of time just the two of us. I know the Lord is teaching you to depend upon Him more, but maybe he'll teach you and Chris to depend upon each other more, too, which is also a blessing!