Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pancakes, Labor, and Tummies

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Today is National Pancake Day?! I love pancakes, or before I was pregnant I liked them every once in a while...now that I am pregnant they are a weekly staple.  I wasn't planning on having pancakes tonight but I just might have too now :) Delish...also for some strange reason I crave Cherry 7up. 

What else?  On Wednesday I will be 30 weeks pregnant.  This past Saturday my hubs and I went to a birth class.  I feel so much more prepared and more confident in the process...the process of having a baby I guess.  I really liked that the instructor was super positive and reassured us that I was made for this!  Because P.S. have you guys been watching the new show on Lifetime called "One Born Every Minuet?" I have...I can't help myself...um it's totally terrifying though. I just have to tell myself that they have to put the dramatic ones on otherwise nobody would watch. (because I'm not going to stop watching)

In my third trimester I have noticed that sleeping has become uncomfortable for me.   For a couple nights I have slept on the couch with the middle back cushion removed so I can put my belly in the space.  It's so nice! My sweet husband slept on the floor beside me.  Last night we slept in our bed, not comfortable.  I don't know what to do.  Boo for that.  That's pretty much it, except for the fact that I feel giant now.  I don't know how more baby is going to fit in this belly!  10 weeks to go!!  



  1. Oooohhhh!!!! So excited for you! You are going to be just fine :) Can't wait to hear the details :)

  2. Wow! You are almost there! Don't worry about the horror stories you hear about birth... every mom thinks she has a horror story and everyone is always willing to share theirs... birth is beautiful!!

    Thanks for your kind words today!

  3. Aw that is so cute, I totally pictured you sleeping on the couch! I'm sorry you are having trouble sleeping. Hang in there girly you are almost there!

  4. I've heard GREAT things about those big ol' preggo pillows! I never got one, but you can bet I do for the next pregnancy. I remember thinking the sleep couldn't get worse, and then it did. Go get one of those pillows ;)

  5. Wow, Meg! 30 weeks! Almost there!!