Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Jersey

Well I took my first trip to New Jersey last month.  My husband and I went to honor his Great Aunt Emmy's life.  I only got to see her a few times but I am so glad that I met her!  She was really sweet to me and wonderfully supportive of Chris and I.  We got to celebrate her last birthday with her in September and I'll never forget how she placed everyone around the table and I received an honored position because I had her great-great nephew!  The funeral was lovely, very lady-like and classy just like her!  I'm so glad she's home with Jesus now!

I really enjoyed getting a taste of the East Coast!  It was beautiful and everything is old and cute!  The best part was that it snowed!!  I love snow (probably because I've never lived in it)...I know it was a terrible nuisance to the people who got hit by the early snow storm but for me, it was heavenly!  I'll be very glad to go and discover New England again sometime! 

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