Sunday, September 12, 2010


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So today my husband and I listened to a Pod-cast sermon from our favorite church, North Coast Church in Vista, Ca.  They've been preaching through a 4 part series on the book of Ruth.  (If you want you can watch them here)  Anyways what I love about their preaching style is that they take the Old Testament, which you can admit, at times seems crazy or maybe even irrelevant, anyways they take it and illuminate it in such a way that it's applicable to 2010. (Because as you know, God hasn't changed)

I've heard the story of Ruth before, I've read it many times as I often enjoys reading the "women" books of the Bible.  But I loved how Pastor Chris unfolded every little detail that could have gone over looked in some sermons.  For example, that the Hebrew names all mean something that is crucial to the story.  There are so many other themes like what happens when you don't trust God and take short cuts instead, or do relationships God's way.  Another great thing is that they make little sets for each sermon series so Pastor Chris preached in a pink girly room to tell Ruth's story!

I know I frequently post about this church and how I listen to these guys, but I really feel like this series is worth the time and they are all up on the web site to view! I hope you'll give it a try!


  1. i married a widower so the story of ruth always hits close to home. it's beautiful to read the story of Ruth and see God's faithfulness. i need to check out the series! thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the book of Ruth. I also like your new header. It's fun! :)