Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is how it is

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So sorry I haven't written in a looooong time! I've been totally wiped out lately!

So the other yesterday I was totally convinced that I was having twins. I knew that my sonogram was coming up and I just felt like I am bigger than I should be.  Don't ask me why...I wake up and look normal then I progressively get bigger and bigger till I can't hold my tummy in and people ask me when I'm due and I feel like I should lie because normal first time mom's aren't supposed to be showing yet.  I blame pre-natal vitamins, they really slow uh- some normal bodily functions down if you know what I mean.  So I'm bloated and the other day I did lie to someone about how far along I am :( I'm not proud.

But I digress.  Today my hubs took me to my sonogram appointment.  I was very happy because everything is going well...my little blurb who looks like a manatee is as big and strong as it should be! Yay!  And yes there's only one, so I'm big because I don't know why.  Last night I dreamed that  I looked like jaba the hut.  (Is that his name? I'm so not a Star Wars person)  Anyways it was bad...also I literally cheered when we got to have Taco Bell for lunch today! This is how it is.


  1. haha...you remember how big I felt and looked for how far along I was?! I kept saying...I'm for sure going to end up with twins ;) I know how you feel! I was six weeks pregnant and the belly was already all bloated and I felt like I so looked pregnant! There's one pic I have where I was I think 8 weeks and looked 3+ mths!I'm sorry you've been so exhausted...again, I totally understand! I've been exhausted since before I realized I was pregnant, lol, and it's a whole different level of exhausted....isn't it? ;)
    I'm so excited for you! I've been praying that everything would turn out well and your little blob would be healthy!! Have you had any sickness or just the tired feeling? Did they tell you how far along you are and all? I'm looking forward to seeing pics! It's so fun to have them to look back at....I look back at all the pics quite often...what an amazing thing to see the changes in my belly! I definitely recommend that...even if you keep them just for yourself and your hubby! It's so fun to see the changes! Much love!

  2. Congratulations Ms Meg! Enjoy it... don't worry about how big you think you look... I'm sure you are the world's most beautiful mommy waiting for your little one!


  3. Oh yes, the bloat comes immediately, but rememeber it is only bloat! To help with that- drink LOTS and LOTS of water and eat LOTS of fruit- seriously, you will feel better and everything will "move" quicker. Then all of a sudden your 1st tri bloat will dissapear and slowly a baby bump will show :) You're normal! Glad everything is well! We love you!

  4. Sweet Meg, I'm sure you look darling! Remember when you're pregnant, you're not out to win "skinniest girl in CA", you're out to own your fabulous new ball-bellied self! It's only for 9 months after all, and a radiant 9 months it will be! Glad you enjoyed your Taco Bell, even gladder to hear that all was well w/ your sono, and hope you're having a fabulous day my friend!

  5. oh you silly... but i can't blame you... that is SO something i would do! : ) praise the Lord for a good looking ultrasound. seriously, something i would tell myself over and over was to not compare myself to other preggy's - everyone shows differently! : ) plus, i know you look beautiful. by the way, you better post a belly pic soon.