Monday, September 13, 2010


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Ok ok believe it or not this post is about John Wayne.  Now you can't really have a Classic Movie Chronicle without including westerns!  You really can't, I've seen a bunch.  Some terrible and some really good.  This is also and ode to my Dad who loves John Wayne movies, and because I love him and my mom and I made him watch too many girly things we'd make a date to watch John with him.

Some great things about John Wayne movies is that they are pretty inspiring, adventurous, and a lot of them have great scenery.  But most importantly is that they have good story lines.  So at some point I think you should impress your man my giving these man movies a try.  Say it in your head "Honey, how about some John Wayne tonight?"  yeah...maybe?! Ok if you've played out that in your head and want to proceed these are great ones:

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Stage Coach
The Angel and the Badman (this one is more for girls, this is like the ultimate compromise for us girls and dad, part John Wayne part romance)
The Searchers
Red River
The Cowboys (this is a great one to start with, we initiated my hubs recently with this one) 
Big Jake 


  1. Haha... let's see... ummm I think I have seen Big Jake; I am surprised Rio Bravo isn't on here- I've seen that one too :)

  2. My husband's dad really loved these when he was growing up. I've honestly never seen any of them. I like adventure movies though, maybe I should suggest it to my husband, he would probably like it! :)

  3. I was a little scared of westerns when I was little, so I've just steered clear of them since. Maybe I should put on my big girl panties and give them another try! Hope you are well Meg!

  4. I loved him in "The Quiet Man" as well, it was just such a departure from his usual and still classic John Wayne.