Monday, April 2, 2012

Every child is not my child, and yet...

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The other day I saw something I've seen before.  I was standing in line at Target, I was alone with my little guy in the cart...just waiting.  All I really do as I wait is people watch and talk to the baby and try and keep his hands full with something other than something I want to buy (or don't want to buy for that matter.)  And I hear this woman yelling "Don't touch that!"  She was paying for her items at the check out but she was yelling so loudly at her son who was probably 4 or 5 things not to do.  I just watched (like everyone else) and kissed my son on the forehead..."God please don't ever let that be me."

Being the shy person that I am I would never say anything to the woman, I know she was overwhelmed.  It doesn't excuse humiliating for son, or herself.   But I wanted to hug her little boy.  I never payed all that much attention to kids before I had one.  I would still be shocked by what that woman did but my motherly response to comfort her son first probably wouldn't have been so strong. My second thought was "maybe she needs some medication..." but that's a different post for a different day.

My son is still small but I know the time is swiftly approaching when I will be training him in right and wrong.  I don't ever want to be as that woman was with my son.  I want to hold the rule of "say 10 positive things for every one correction."  This is so critical.  I want him to be confident and secure in himself.  I want him to love himself and know that I love and respect him too.  On our daily walk I pray and pray for wisdom to be a good mother and to train him to grow and remain in the Lord. 

God, please be with all the overwhelmed mother's out there today.  Help them to realize that what they do and say has a great effect on their children. Amen

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