Thursday, April 12, 2012

Five Thursday Thoughts

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1) Cookies do count as breakfast.

2) Why oh why are onesie snap buttons so unbelievably hard to button sometimes? I swear it feels like the loooongest moments of my day are snapping those buttons!

3) This is how much I HATE doing laundry...I have spent the past 2 days cleaning every other part of my house avoiding the walk in closet where all our clothes are now currently stuffed.  I even cleaned the base boards?! That's how much I hate laundry.  My husband caught on...because I kept walking him around showing him "look at all I've done!" So he couldn't bring up the laundry right?! Cause I've been busy...!  Anyways he knew that's what I was doing, but him being one who also hates doing laundry he can't really say anything.  Ha!

4) My baby is learning to walk.  He walked across the room the other day and has been trying and falling and just being plan cute working on being a big boy.  Adore!

5) I had to take a shower today... it's been a while, I won't say how long but possibly the last time was a don't judge me, it's not like it was Christmas or anything.  I also hate showering.  Not the showering part, but the having to dry and style my hair part. Why does having a baby suddenly make a lot of things you used to enjoy such a terrible chore now?  Too busy I guess.  

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  1. Megan, you are so funny! And yes, cookies do count as breakfast! And I totally get the "doing hair" part being a chore :)