Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm getting the feeling that...

I'm getting the feeling that I will forever have this "I don't know what in the world I'm doing," feeling being a parent.  Uh-oh, it doesn't go away.  When Casey was first born everything was new...and I was so inexperienced every day was a new thing, a new challenge, phase of development etc.  I think I felt that someday it'll get better, I'm going to figure this whole thing out.  But as quickly as you've got a groove going something changes.

Today, for example...I'm learning how smart he is.  I said "we've gotta change your diaper," and Casey quickly grabs his changing mat and his wipes and brings them to me.  What?! That's awesome. But he now hates the car again.  He's so stinking strong he kept dodging the straps as I'm trying to get his situated.  And then now he's refusing food, I don't think eating only scrambled eggs and gold fish cuts it. Also today he was relentlessly trying to get into the trash can, something I know he knows not to do (I know he's doing it when he's quiet).  All things change at once, and we have a whole new ball game. And it's going to be like this forever, maybe the phases won't move as quickly as I do now, but I can see myself when he's 16 just doing what I do now, praying and trying my best to do what is right.



  1. Yup! :) E turned 3 last week and it was like overnight he entered this whole new phase and I am so lost! I am grateful that some phases don't last forever!

  2. Funny, I know Charleigh is doing something she shouldn't (and knows she shouldn't) when she gets super quiet. :) and when I go over and say "what are you doing?" She jumps and gets scared like "aw man, how'd she know!?" Haha