Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh How Time Flys

 Somebody tell me how does this...
 Become this in a few short months?

My precious baby boy is turning one next week.  I've been busy tying up loose ends preparing for his party and procrastinating cleaning my house by shopping and making lists.  Tonight my husband and I sorted through his month pictures to pick which ones we wanted to print out for his first year banner.  It was so much fun seeing all the subtle changes that lead him to be the bustling busy almost toddler he is today.  It goes so fast...I've been trying to remind myself this week to keep it in perspective...telling myself "I am a mother raising a son to be a man, a good man, a God centered man."  That's my goal and my desire.  Getting to experience him in baby form is just one big blessing from my gracious Heavenly Father!     

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  1. 1! Wow! Time does fly! I hope the celebration is wonderful!!