Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Schedule

Disclaimer: this post is not an advice column...not at all.  This is purely for fun.

5:45 am.  yep.  He's up.  Why is he up you ask?  Well I'll tell you it has something to do with the sun being up.  He is an early bird...just like, well, me.  Although rising with the sun is carrying it a bit too far son.  I let Casey babble until 6 unless he's really yelling, which he does sometimes.  There's no need for everyone to be up this early.

6 am-ish I turn on Disney Jr. and he watches for a while but mostly he plays.  I am on the couch resting, watching.  Many days he wants to sit in my lap for a certain show he likes, and I like too I guess, it's not the worst.

7:30 am I make breakfast for him.  Usually it's scrambled eggs, and a sippy-cup of milk.  Unless my kitchen is messy and I go for a quick meal of oatmeal and milk of course. After this he plays.

8:15 As some children are just getting up mine is taking his first nap.  I usually take this time to catch up on my reality tv.  (Bravo's calling my name)  Or I read blogs check out the "Home Decor" section on pinterest.  My hubby is usually not awake yet, because he doesn't work till late morning, so it's a little me time.

9:45 Casey wakes up.  My husband is awake by this time and always goes in to get him saying "Good Morning!" As if the day was just beginning... nope.  Then Casey and I go for a walk.  We have a park near us so I turn on some Pandora on my iphone and we get to it.

10:50 we finish our walk and I get Casey's lunch ready.  And usually he'll play/watch sesame street at 11.  Meals are always different and a challenge at this point.  I'm trying to get him to eat different things so I'll do cheese and shredded chicken with apple sauce.  Or I try PB&J which he doesn't like too much.  I don't know it's hard.  I know I have to keep things he likes out of eye shot because he won't eat anything else if he know something he likes is coming.

Noon Unless we're out and about, which sometimes we are depending on my husband schedule, (which is very flexible), Casey takes a nap at this time.  I know it sounds crazy but that's the way he likes it.

1:00 pm He's up again.  This is the hardest time of the day because it's a matter of keeping him going until 5 pm.  So At first he plays and I always try and move his toys in and out and all around.  For example, I can block off our living room so I try to keep rotating toys out, like if he has lost interest in something I take it and put it in his room.  Then I just set up some things I know he likes to play with, and things he hasn't seen in a while.  It buys me time.  It's so hot here, going out at this time isn't really an option, also we live in an apartment, so we don't have a yard anyways.  I will turn on music while I'm doing something and put him in his eating chair to watch me.  I give him something he hasn't seen in a while to keep him busy.  We read, we build, we roll, he climbs.  We wear each other out. There is also a little snack in here too.  Goldfish, cheerios, raisins, or apple sauce.

5 pm aw the magic hour.  I like 5 pm.  I get Casey's dinner ready.  It's always different.  Roasted carrots, or beans, or scrambled eggs.  Always something accompanied by fruit.  And then I get him ready for bed.  All the sudden it sounds great right, because hopefully by this time you've forgotten about the 5:45 am wake up call.  So I don't give Casey a bath every night because he started to hate them a couple months ago (sad) so like tonight I just got him in a new diaper and jams.  Wrestle him to brush his teeth, get his blankie and gather some books to read with him on the couch.  After that I put him down.  I hold him and sing to him till he goes to sleep...I try to have him down around 6 pm.  Sometimes it's sooner, like today because we did not go out so his nap was at noon instead of like 1 or 2.  If he takes a later nap I adjust a little bit, but usually he goes down before 6:30pm. 

6pm  This is when I feel good about waking up early, because I have some me time before my hubby gets home from work, and once he does there's dinner and time with him.  Nice.  Phew.


  1. Hi Meg! Whew, what a day! I've been trying to read and comment on your blog for awhile, but for some reason my computer wants to freeze up every time I visit you! Boo. Today it worked, so yay. It's so fun to see how quickly Casey is growing. What a sweet boy! And down by 6??? Yes, waking up early seems like no fun, but glad you get a few hours of you and hubby time. Keep up the posts!

  2. You're a trooper for putting him down so early and knowing he'll wake up early! I tried my best to adjust my little one's schedule so that we wake up at 8am! Of course, that means his bedtime is 8pm, but for this night owl, I don't mind much!
    I've not read in awhile, and I hope you're doing wonderfully!!