Friday, May 21, 2010

Broccoli Salad

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So I was never much of a Broccoli fan growing up.  When I was little I liked to look at them and play with them because they were cute little trees...but I hated eating them.  I remember once putting them in my mouth chewing slightly and moving them into my cheek pockets like a hamster and them excusing my self to the bathroom where I spit them out into the toilet. Happily I have progressed from my sneeky ways...well at least with regards to broccoli I have, and now can eat it quite happily.

Here is a recipe that I am in love with right now:

Broccoli (fresh)
Dried cranberries
1 Red Onion (chopped, you can use less if you don't prefer onions)
Salt and Pepper

Ok so this recipe is super easy and doesn't require can't mess it up.  So first you want to take at least a whole stock of broccoli, wash and cut it up into easy to fork bites.  Throw them in a big bowl. Chop your onion, you can use less onion if you prefer.  (I know some people don't care for onions but the red onion is mild and sweeter that the others) Add that to the broccoli.  Then hopefully at this time your husband is cooking off the bacon for you.  (we used half of a pack 6 slices, it needed more but we're making BLT's this week so..) Then once that is cooked chop it up and add that too.  Then you're going to add the dried cranberries (a handful or two).  Now it's time for the mayo.  You'll want to eyeball it.  I don't care for mayo so much that I want a lot...I just have enough to cover everything lightly.  then Salt and Pepper it tasting periodically to see if it's just right.  Then Enjoy!


  1. Hey Meg - I was the same way - when I was little, broccoli was on my "can NOT swallow list" ;-) Now I actually like it - and especially in broccoli salad. I usually make it with raisins, but I love the cranberry idea. Will have to give it a try next time I make it. Thanks for entering my giveaway and getting the word out about handmade soap! It really is wonderful...good luck!

  2. I love broccoli salad! My mom makes it and she puts sunflower seeds in it too. it is really good!

    ..When I was little I hated meat and I would do the same trick you mentioned to get rid of it. ;)

  3. Hmmm.. I commented on this blog already, that's weird!!

    I think I mentioned that I love broccoli and broccoli salad. In my broccoli salad I use fresh grapes instead and the dressing is actually mayonnaise, vinegar, and sugar- sounds a little off but tastes SO good!

    Love you, hope you're having a great weekend!