Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Can not Wait Any Longer

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This is probably one of my favorite, if not my favorite movie for the summer time.  Ladies may I present The Parent Trap. Not the Lindsey Lohan one...puh-leeese! The 1961 version starring Hayley Mills.  I'm sure a lot of you have seen this movie...but I love it from start to finish.  I love the opening credits which has this adorable stop-frame sequence.  I love the style, I love the story, I love that it's filmed in California but not like "today's Hollywood" version of California...where the grass is green and not yellow.  Because hardly anywhere during the summer is the grass on the California hills green, it's yellow.  I love the parent's chemistry...I love how Maureen O'Hara is in her 40's and is still a knock-out! I love the house that most of the movie takes place in, so chic!  I love it love it!

What about you ladies? Do you have a favorite summer movie?

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  1. Yup! I love this one! Although you do have to admit that the secret handshake with Martin in the new version is too cute (that's my fav. part ;-)). This movie does totally capture summertime fun - I want to go rent it RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the recommendation! Any fun Memorial Day plans?