Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drama, Drama, Drama

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Ok so week 2 in my "Dramatic Classic Movie Suggestions" I'm enjoying this a lot!  Ok so there is one actress, from back in the day, that if one of her movies are playing on TCM I pretty much always will watch it because I bet it'll be good.  That actress is Bette Davis.  Ok, ok so if you know her she probably scares you, in real life she was not the most warm and fuzzy woman.  Brilliant actress? Yes! Movies absolutely worth the time? Yes! If you could have and dinner party with 5 dead or alive people would she be on the list? No.

So some of my favorite movies of hers are...

Now, Voyager - a story about a child born to be her mother's companion, and what happens when she finds her independence.

All About Eve - Davis plays a stage actress who befriends "her biggest fan" who just wants to learn every things about Davis so she can...I don't want to ruin it.

Old Maid - I've only seen it once, But Davis falls in love has a baby, the father is killed and she doesn't want anyone to know about the baby.  She so starts an orphanage so she can have her daughter there to pretend she's an orphan and continue to care for her.  Until her bff comes wanting to adopt and takes her daughter....yah...

The Letter - Great movie, Davis kills her lover, makes up a story about it, get's black-mailed, surprise ending...

Jezebel - Setting is pre-civil war south.  Davis plays a wealthy girl who is a flirt and who constantly gets herself into trouble by breaking the rules.  She starts off having her life together but ends up being the cause of people's demise.

There is literally many more great films by Bette Davis.  But I think if you watch these you'll want more.  Enjoy!



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  1. Hey sweetie! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hope that you are doing well. Sorry I am so absent lately. I'm still not feeling all that well and now I'm back in school too so I've been pretty busy and tired. I think of you lovely ladies often and I hope that you are all well! :0)