Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Couple Announcements

I haven't posted in a while because one very exciting thing happened!

My Sister and her Husband blessed our family this past Sunday with a precious baby boy, Jaxon Dennis. He's a little sweetie at 8 pounds and 20 and 1/2 inches.  He is doing well, doesn't cry unless the nurses are poking at him.  And my sister is quickly recovering, she is such a trooper considering that she had to have an emergency c-section. (poor thing) But she's a strong girl with a will to get better quick. Today I went to see them today and I was holding Jaxon and he sneezed in my face, and it was adorable of course! I love him!

 source photo

On a much much less important note...but an interesting one.  Today my husband and I were driving and we came upon this road-side stand selling honey.  The had a huge sign reading "Allergy Killer." He had told me once before that his mom, when he was younger, bought him honey for his allergies, and it worked.  Here's why:
As bees carry the nectar to the hive they also carry with them pollen.  This pollen gets into the honey they produce.  If you eat the honey with the pollen you build up an immunity against it, like a vaccine. What you need to do however is buy LOCAL honey.  The honey in the store is not necessarily going to help you because it probably doesn't have the local pollen.  You need to build up an immunity to what is around you.  If you suffer with allergies give it a try! We'll update you about how we're doing with the honey...it's the yummiest medicine!


  1. Congrats on the new addition to the family!! There is nothing like a sweet new baby! :)

    I agree about the honey. I read that awhile back in one of my health mags and my husband and I tried it because we have terrible allergies where we live. It actually did help. But you are right about the importance of it being local and sometimes it's hard to get. We had to go to our town's farmer's market and buy it from a local person. Anyway, hope it helps you! Another thing I do during the spring w/ all of the pollen is use a neti-pot. Don't know if you tried one yet but it REALLY helps keep my sinuses clear. I was getting a bad sinus infection every spring until I started using it. Anyway, good luck! Don't know if you are like us, but this has been the worst season of pollen we've ever had!! :(

    tara :)

  2. How fun to start summer with a new baby! Don't you just love being an Aunt???

  3. Yay for Jax! And yay for learning a new fact today!

  4. Congratulations on your new nephew!! :)

    That's neat about the honey! I may have to mention that to my dad..his allergies have been horrible this year. Thanks! :)

  5. congratulations auntie!!! new babies are so very exciting and absolutely adorable! the honey thing is super cool... i totally didn't know that! hope it works really well! let us know.