Monday, May 24, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1) I love Carissa...and I want to support her and her awesome blog.  But I haven't been participating because "grabbing buttons" frustrates me and I can't ever do it right.  So I just copied the image.

2) I love chips and salsa.  I can't live with out them right now...even though our California weather is unusually cool (which annoys me) I want my summer food!

3) I love the sale section at Anthropologie.  The things at that store are's like they've been inside my dream world and pulled out items and placed them on a shelf and slapped a 100 dollar price tag on each item.  So when I go in I just walk straight to the back where the sale items are.  Today I bought these 8 inch tall letters (C&M for Chris and Meg) with cool colored cloth covering them for 7 dollars each.  I'm very happy with them.

4) I want to go antiquing now...but I think I'll take a nap instead... 


  1. awww, you are too sweet meg!!! thanks for joining in despite your button hesitancies. ; ) you're too cute! i have forgotten about the beauty of chips and salsa! thanks for the reminder! i have to visit anthropologie!!! have a fabulous week, pretty gal!

  2. Wow! Everybody's on the Miscellany Monday Bandwagon today! Woohoo! K, for buttons, all you do is "copy" (highlight, right click, the select copy) all the text in the little box below them. Then "paste" (right click where you want it to be, then select paste). It will show up as a bunch of jibberish (HTML), but when you publish your post, it will "interpret" itself as a picture! Tada! Also, if you want it centered, then just do the paragraph alignment thing like you would to center any text. - Remember you WON'T see the pic until you publish. If it's not working, then make sure you have the button selected (under post options at the bottom) "interpret HTML". Try it (then let me know how bad my directions were lol)!

  3. I love chips and salsa too! Only I've gotten spoiled by our local (awesome) Mexican restaurant and I can't stand having store bought salsa anymore, it has to be their fresh homemade best-salsa-in-the-world salsa. ..So I only get it occasionally.

    The letters you found sound really cute! :)

  4. ha ha Thanks I get it!