Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Can't. Why? The Price is Right is on.

It's been awhile since I've been blogging! This weekend my husband and I went to visit his mom for mother's day.  Which means a trip to Long Beach.  Got in some pool time, bike time, and of course and most enjoyable, time with his Siblings and Parents and Aunts and Uncles.

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I've been watching a lot of Leave it to Beaver episodes...Don't ask me why...I think it reminds me of home.  People don't think that life can be or is like that, yes you can like your siblings and enjoy being around your parents.  My family has been compared to the Cleaver's more than once. But I don't care. Anyways I'm having with drawls....cause I haven't seen it in like 4 days.

I get very "Phasey" like that....I'll watch like ALL  I Love Lucy's, or all Gilmore Girls, or whatever, I get sad when I miss The Price is Right.  Then I'm phasey with food...I'll eat the same cereal every morning, and now all I want is chips & salsa.  I suppose I am a creature of habit...and I'm very happy that way.  My poor husband is so spontaneous... and I'm like "Uh why didn't you tell me you wanted me to do this yesterday, I didn't plan on this being in my day!"

Do you gals have any things you do routinely? ...not compulsively (no, psh, that's a dirty word) :)


  1. You and your husband sound just like me and Jay! I definitely like my routine. I hate feeling "out of whack".

  2. I'm just like you! I do that with shows and food, and I really like to know what's coming ahead of time in my days.

  3. i'm terrible at spotaneity (i'm sure i spelled that WRONG!). i do the same thing you do. your weekend in long beach sounded like a load of fun! thank you for the recipe idea and kitchen tips! i completely appreciate your fabulous help! : )

  4. Hi Meg! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you had a great mini vacation. Aren't they refreshing?! I could go for one right about now... Anyway, sounds like we enjoy some of the very same summertime things! (there I go w/ my "me too-ing again") - Ya know, even if you'd rather not participate in the Kindred Connection Party (by blogging about it and linking up and stuff), you can always just leave your answers in the comment section if you like! I'd love to hear some of your summertime favs! Hope you're having a great Wednesday, and I always enjoy your visits over at Windy Poplars.~