Thursday, May 6, 2010

Turn left...I mean right...oops

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Q: What's the difference between people who think more with their left side of the brain vs. people who think with their right side of the brain?

A: A lot!

When I was in my first year of college I can across this book about the different functions of each side of the brain and how all people favor one side or the other.  We do not cognitively know that we're favoring a side it's just natural.  The left side of the brain controls verbal communication, exercises logic, analyzes, when solving problems looks at part (details).  The right side of the brain is creative, houses intuition, is more subjective, and when solving problems looks at the broad picture.  Now we all use both sides all day long, but we also all favor one more particularly.

I tend to favor my right side of the brain (some say this has to do with handedness, which hand you wright with, but I'm a righty and I totally favor my right side of my brain, some say I should be opposite) Anyways, I'm very creative and intuitive, I also can't give directions to save my life.  Something common among right brain thinkers is left and right confusion.  My right brain houses a lot of my thoughts I can visually see it but because it comes from my right brain I can't verbalize it fast, and often get it wrong first.  Researchers have done studies where they would cover your right eye and leave the left uncovered (left eye is controlled by the right- nonverbal- side of the brain) and would show people pictures and ask them to say what they were seeing.  The participants would get it wrong first or take a long time to answer the question.  It's pretty interesting stuff!

I took sign language in college and would sign with my left hand (left controlled by right side of the brain) because it's the non-verbal side, and even though I am right handed it was easier.  When I'm in the car and my husband is driving, but I know where we're going, I have to raise either hand up depending on which way we need to turn...because I can't verbalize it quick enough and I always say left when I mean right.  I know I sound crazy...or that I am not very bright, but I am my brain just favors my right side.

If you relate to me in someway, you might be a right brain thinker too...if not then you're a left brain thinker...someone else will have to blog on what that is like...


  1. i'm a fellow right brainer!!! we rock! : )

  2. Right brain...ALL THE WAY! Lol!!!

  3. I am a left brainer, but I always point which direction I am trying to say. I think you're the cutest!

  4. I'm totally fascinated by things like this...I guess I'm a right brainer b/c I am artistic and intuitive...never really thought about the not being able to verbalize fast thing, but I guess I'm not real good at that either. Hmmm...I'm going to be psycho-analyzing myself all day! Ha! Hope your Friday is a good on Meg~

  5. I think that I am both? When I look it up, I fit a pretty equal amount from both sides, so I am really unsure.