Friday, April 30, 2010

I enjoy being a girl, Part 2

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I was thinking today about when I first graduated from high school and the different branches of the military would call my house, asking for me, and then they proceeded to try and convince me to enlist.  (I know that many kids get called at this time because it's a prime recruiting time...)
Needless to say I always enjoyed sparring with these gentlemen who would try and talk me, the most girly person, into joining the army.  Don't get me wrong, I am very very grateful for the men and women who serve our country I just had some issues with the whole idea.
I have had a fascination with gender/gender roles for a while now. And even though I was raised post-women's lib. I don't really agree that men and women are indeed equal.  Hear me out on this...I don't believe you can compare apples to oranges and call them the same, logically this doesn't make any sense.  Men are great but they stink at birthing babies, I have yet to hear of that being accomplished...We are just plainly not the same!
So when I thought of myself joining the army for instance, I thought to myself, "I would be subjected to boot camp, being yelled at for not being able to do a push-up, and running miles a day with a pack on...etc" And I would have to ask if I would get special privileges when I had my period...Of course they would say no.  But I don't see any men getting punched in the stomach, and have something injected in their bodies to make their lower back, and inner thighs cramp up, and then asked to run a do push-ups.
Again, we're not equal.
I really really have problems with institutions that try and equal out gender.  I think it is a lie Satan has introduced into the world to emasculate men, and create women who are either ashamed of their femininity or abuse it for gain.  Let apples be apples and oranges be oranges.
**I think that you can still be feminine and serve in the military, however I wish that the military would respect your right to be feminine...


  1. amen amen amen!!! men and women are so very different and i'm so very glad for it! gender roles are so important... my hubby wouldn't even let my son have a ball with a hint of pink on it. haha!!! and my hubby's already getting nervous about having dolls in the house for our lil' gal because he doesn't want to catch our son playing with them. it makes me laugh. but anyways... you said this all perfectly.

    i'm wishing we were friends in real life!

  2. You are so right Meg! I've been reading this book Love and Respect (have you heard of it?) and it helped define difference and equality better than I've ever heard. I'm totally content to let men be the stronger sex, take the lead, and protect me! Thanks for sharing this - I'm glad to be a woman too :-) Hope your weekend is a good one...

  3. Yes! I believe in equality but let's face it, God made us different for a reason!

  4. I JUST came across your blog over at "with thankful hearts." Your blog name caught my attention because that is one of my all-time favorite movies!!! Anyway, I was immediately sucked in by your first post! You are SOOOOO right!! It's so sad to me that today's society has jumbled up gender roles so much. It makes me so thankful for my husband because it seems like there is a whole generation of single guys, even into their thirties, that have no idea how to be a real man. Ugh. Sad. @Kristin- we also read Love & Respect... it is a fantastic read!! Well, I look forward to following you, Megan! In your spare time, check me out at

    Tara :)

  5. I agree with you totally! I love that there are things that my husband can do much better than me, because he is a man..and there are things I can do better than him because I'm a woman. We were made to compliment each other and the differences are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

  6. I so AGREE with you!!! You are very right!!! I hope you are having a great weekend pretty girl!!! Head over to my blog and join my swap!!!

  7. Hi Meg, yeah I know...weekends aren't so fun when you have to work them :-( - At least you have Tuesdays to look forward to! It's a blessing to have a day off whenever it comes, right? Hope your Sunday was a good one!

  8. Amen! Reminds me of a book I read once on spiritual gifts where the duck was trying to learn and practicing sooooo hard at...climbing trees! Well, God had a plan, and a very good one, too! Thanks for sharing!
    Wendy, who found you through Kristin:)
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