Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

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(April's traditional flower is the Daisy)

I am soo not a prankster, mostly because I know I would get mad if someone got me I won't dish it out cause I can't take it!  I think I got my parents once when I was little...but running into their rooms and yelling about something when they haven't even woken up yet is hardly an accomplishment.  Do you guys have any good April Fools pranks?
By the way Happy April! This is one of my most favorite months...because in California the weather is the most pleasant and sunny! I hope this month brings you new blessings!


  1. My little brother called me last night begging me to call my parents and tell them that I'm pregnant (which I'm not). I am the same as you - I just can't pull myself to do it! I would be so mad if someone got me!

  2. Hi Meg! Thank you for your sweet comment and prayer - I definitely count you among my "Kindred Spirits" in the blog world :-) Enjoyed your post about the prodigal. I feel the same - always thought I was the "obedient first child" - the "one who stayed", but God knocks me off my confident high horse time and time again - reminding me how dependent I am on Him every day! ---- As for April Fools - yeah, I've played some over the years. One that never ceased to get old (I think it was more of an inside joke between my sisters and I), and that my mom never caught on to expect it every April 1st was: you know how there's that little sprayer beside the faucet on the kitchen sink? Well, my sister's and I would rubberband the handle down w/a small black band, so that when my mom would turn on the regular faucet, the sprayer would actually come on and get her all wet. - You gotta be there...her reaction was priceless every time (especially since it happened on a regular April 1st basis)! Hope your day is going great!

  3. i miss april's in cali!!! it's so pleasant! i never take myself too seriously... i fall for every prank and just laugh so hard about it... sometimes so hard that i pee my pants. he he. : ) i'm a major nerd.