Friday, April 9, 2010

The Girl Card

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So in honor of my last post about reading Jane Austen books, I decided to talk about the Girl Card.  Some of you girls were afraid that I would take away your Girl Card for never having read Pride and Prejudice, but I will say, I have no right to do that because if someone was going to take away my Girl Card it would be because I don't like Chocolate.  Yep...membership suspended right? I prefer steak and bacon!  So Other than the not reading Jane Austen books, what are some very un-girl things that you do?


  1. Meg, I just don't know what to say about you not liking chocolate! I wish I didn't like chocolate and maybe I wouldn't have to be doing my 20/20 challenge right now!

    I guess my "un-girl" thing would be that I would rather watch a spy-action thriller rather than a chick-flick. But I do like chick-flicks - don't get me wrong!

  2. Well, I adore chocolate, but I think you still qualify to be a girl considering you don like Jane Austen. It's a good balance (I think) but I feel like you should love chocolate... :)
    Um, I am not very girly because I don't really love girl's night out... I married someone that I want to spend lots of time with (does that count?)

  3. I'm the same not a chocolate person. I'll eat it but I could definitely live without it. Skittles on the other hand... lol very cute blog!


  4. Oh Meg, I just don't get how you can NOT like chocolate... it must be a thing about girls born on August 17th ;)... my sister hates chocolate as well, so that is my theory. I don't want to read or watch Jane Austen, I guess that is my non-girly thing... and I don't know how to accessorize. I am a sucker for ANY romantic comedy though and anything with chocolate :)

  5. Enjoyed your last two posts :-) I do love Jane Austen, and have read many of her books (and watched all the movies too of course)! Hmmm...non girly things...well, I'm not an immense chocolate fan (since that was the subject du jour), but I do like it sometimes. I can make a chocolate bar last forever - one bite a day! I do like "man" movies too: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings (watching that right now w/ DH actually), Forever Strong, etc. I also really like college sports - used to be a scorekeeper for a softball team. Love to camp. Other than that, I'd drawing a blank. Pretty much girly all the rest of the way :-) Hope you're having a great day Meg. Oh, and you're right (per comment on my post yesterday) it is such a shame that tulips droop so quickly - they are truly lovely flowers! Always nice to visit with you :-) ~K

  6. i guess we are even now. ; ) you read jane austen and i eat chocolate.

  7. PS-Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I've missed ya :-) Sounds like you had a fun date w/ your hubby! Happy weekend ~K

  8. Meg~

    I LOVE chocolate but I truly hate to shop... that is my non-girl thing.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. As I look back on the past 16 years, it looks overwhelming. I just have to remind myself that God gives us grace in the moment...when we need it not when we only think we do. ; ) Hoping and praying for many, many years of incredibly journeys for you and your man!