Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jane, why did I ever leave you?

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I started reading Pride and Prejudice again and there's so much meat in it...

I love being challenged, having my vocabulary expand, and reading lines like  
"Undoubtedly, there is meanness in all the arts which ladies sometimes condescend to employ for captivation."

It's so hearty and lovely, and I find something new every time. Like that line which was a great "ouch-you got burned-moment" me! 

Jane are just the best!


  1. i fear i may lose all feminity for admitting this... i've never read jane austen. gasp!

  2. Ha ha most people haven't, I think it's intimidating but I like all things British so I understand the language well. But it can be hard to understand...with out a dictionary which I also enjoy looking up words!

  3. I love Jane Austin! So classic and feminie.

  4. I haven't read any Jane Austin either (gasp!). I have seen Pride & Prejudice - both the old and new and LOVE them!