Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Father Goose

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This week's movie selection is called Father Goose. It stars Cary Grant and Leslie Caron, made in 1964.  This movie is set in WWII in the pacific islands....but it's not a war film (the war is just the background).  Cary is helping the British forces by inhabiting a deserted island where he can spot enemy planes and report them to the British...seems simple until a plane crash strands a School teacher (Caron) and her young students, all girls, on Grant's island.  It's really fun the way Cary Grant interacts with all the little girls on his island!  It's a fun film! Enjoy!


  1. oh wow... sounds mightily interesting and entertaining!

  2. Sounds cute Meg! Thanks for sharing - I always look forward to your movie reviews! - How is your job going btw? Hope you're doing well!