Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great Book

This is kind of a weird topic but I just wanted to do a plug for this book...Taking Charge of You Fertility by Toni Weschler.  It was important to me to start "planning a family naturally" which right now means preventing a pregnancy naturally...I tried to go on birth control briefly, but not all women can handle the hormones and the change that can happen during the process.  My body reacted adversely to b.c. almost instantaneously.  But I was on the verge of getting married and I needed to find something to work before the big day! So I found this book and a whole world opened up to me. Taking Charge of You Fertility is so informative about the way your body works, how to prevent a pregnancy or how to become pregnant.  It's been so great for me to understand what's really going on and have all my questions answered!

P.S. We've been married almost 6 months and the natural way is working great and my body is happy and healthy!


  1. I saw that book in Barnes and Noble once and I was wondering if it was any good. I'll have to look into it. I HATE birth control. I would always tell the Doctors that I didn't want to use it because of the way it made me feel and they'd just switch the brand until I finally just said that's it I've had enough. If you can go it! You feel way better and you don't end up messing up your fertility in the longrun. So many women deal with infertility as a result of years and years on Birth control. Glad you found what works for you early on! :0)

  2. Meg~
    If you feel God leading you this way, embrace it!! Unfortunately, people (well, women in particular) have very intense opinions on this and other related topics... ie.. breastfeeding, sleeping with your infant, etc. and people (again, mainly women) are so not afraid to share their "opinion" as the only right way.

    I wish I would have been much more sure of how I felt on this topic 16 years ago! Way to go!!


    btw... love the new blog look and the new picture!!

  3. Hi Meg! I hope your end of the week is going better than your beginning! Are you feeling God's grace through it all? Your hubby DOES sounds like a keeper :-) Those sunflowers were such a sweet gesture. - We do the natural thing too, and it's worked for us for 10 years! - I love your new blog look. So fresh and springy! Oh, and your pic at the top - fabbo earring girl! Talk to ya later, ~Kristin

  4. Megan, I'm excited to hear this method is working for you! I read the book too, and it really did open a whole new world to me. I hated dumping hormones into my body every day. It made me crazy.

    This is actually what we used to get pregnant, but after the little one comes we're going to use it for prevention as well.

  5. Hi again! I never know where to respond to people's comments :-) Maybe the new "neighborhood" will help w/ that? Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars today! Can't wait for our date night tonight - thanks for the well wishes! Isn't it funny how our hubbys become our "journals"? I'm so thankful God gave us them - I'll take a human being over a book anyday!