Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cloudy Days

Cloudy days remind me of the 1980's even though I was born in 1985, and so my sister would say that I don't qualify to be a 80's kid. And I agree with that, I'm an 80's baby.  Anyways cloudy days remind me of that time, and I have a hankering to do a few things:
I want to go on a picnic, I want to wear corduroy pants and a flashy knitted sweater (rainbow inspired is a must).  I'd bring a friend along...which in those days would mean some sort of a muppet friend.  And I want to lay on a blanket spread out across the grass and watch the clouds change shapes.   Cloudy days...


  1. I found the first season of Full House on sale for $8 a few days ago and after watching those episodes, I've been remembering life in the 80's lately too. Simple kid memories.

    ..I had a Miss Piggy kinda like that. :)

  2. I love cloudy days! I think I want to go watch Pretty in Pink now!

  3. Just trying a test comment b/c my settings weren't working...

  4. Oh to be a kid again ;0) I'd love to go back somedays too!