Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Comfort of Sin, Or the sin of Comfort

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(sometimes God does not allow is to plant roots today)

 Last night my husband and I went to a church in our new town where a small Bible study was taking place with guys and gals of our same age (early to late 20's).  This Bible study was lead by my husband's good friend who is a pastor at this church.  During his talk he asked us to ponder the sins we struggle with that are "more acceptable" in the Church world.  You know what I mean, everyone would be up in arms if they saw a Christian man cheating on his wife but do we blink an eye when we hear Christian's being judgmental?

So it got me thinking about my sins and I think a big one that God is totally trying to prune away from me is comfort.  I've kind of mentioned this before but I just got married last November, and moved with my husband to a new town, away from my family and the place that I have lived my whole life.  This means NEW everything.  I get overwhelmed when I think about it, most times I function pretty good, meeting a group of new people all the time, but some times it breaks me down.  It's so strange functioning in an environment where no one knows me, my past anything.  Like I have no credibility, people's opinions are based on my appearance (and that is the worst! Because no one thinks that a young gal is as wise or knowledgeable as I am)

Getting back to my sin...I told my husband that my sin, I feel is seeking comfort in other places but in Christ.  Right now it is almost impossible to do that...nothing is comfortable but being at home with my husband, or going home to be with my family.  But I long for the comfort of the things that are no longer mine to take comfort my old church family and where I used to live etc.  I know that God is working hard on me to get me to take comfort in Him...I don't know why this is apart of my Christian journey but God always has a purpose.

Sometimes sin can show up in seemingly innocent places...What are you a little too comfortable with? (you don't have to answer that...just to your self maybe) Praying for you!


  1. I love your openness. You are lovely. :)

  2. Great post! It is very frustrating when people look at you and treat you differently because you're young!!! VERY frustrating. It sounds like GOD is doing some incredible things in your heart! You are lovely just like Tea said!!!

  3. I love my comfort zone. When God tells me to step out of it, I always double check to make sure He really meant it. But when I am willing to step out of my comfort zone is when my relationship with the Lord grows and develops. You are lovely.