Monday, March 22, 2010

Faith by Obedience

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So my husband and I like to listen to pod-casts from the Pastors at Northcoast Church, in Vista California. They are doing a new series on faith.  This week we listened to one entitled Faith or Folly? by Pastor Chris Brown.  It was so interesting...great faith is not taking risks, blind leaps, etc.  Think about all the Bible stories where you see the character doing something strange but you say "wow what faith" that person is doing it because GOD SAYS TO.  Faith comes into play when you OBEY God's commands...did Peter walk on water without Jesus sticking out his hand?  No. Should we "get out of the boat' simply because we believe that that's what faith is-taking a risk, or because God is commanding you to do that? It takes great faith to obey God!

This honestly has cleared up so much of the struggles I've been having with "leaps of faith."

(if you click on Northcoast Church it should take you to their site where you can listen to the sermon if you'd like)


  1. These are great thoughts. Thanks for sharing them! :)

  2. This is good stuff and I needed to hear it!

    p.s. your home page picture is great of yall. you look so happy! =)