Thursday, March 18, 2010


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Whelp...I'm very excited Easter is coming! It's my second favorite Holiday (my first favorite is Christmas Eve) I love that it's a day when we Christ followers can stop and celebrate the fact that we have a Risen Savior! I don't know how it will be at my new church but at my old church Easter Sunday was simply electric with excitement and joy (I will miss being there on that day!) But my husband is preaching the sunrise service which will be really nice!
I love getting a new dress for Easter, this year I got a white ruffly dress that's on it's way to me now.  (American Eagle Outfitters, has great dresses this year!)  And I usually have a rockin' tan by then but I can't because my husband won't let me use the tanning bed anymore (hopefully I can wear him down by next year.)  Also after church we get to head back down to be with my family (hopefully my dad will BBQ something good!)
And we can never forget the peeps! They are my favorite candy in the whole world! Easter...I can't wait!

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  1. I love a new dress for Easter too. I haven't even started looking so I better get busy! I've sworn off the tanning bed myself - too many sunspots and wrinkles...