Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Strange Creatures

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Today my husband came home from work to have lunch...I made him lunch but he was still hungry so he made himself an egg.  When he was done I looked into the kitchen (saw the mess he made in 5 mins.) and claimed "you just dropped by to make my life harder." (I said with a smile) And he said completely straight face, very sincerely...."I cleaned up most of it!" I said ok, kissed him goodbye and he left.

Then I went into the kitchen and saw that "cleaning up most of it" means putting some of it in the sink.  Thanks for the help baby!  He's so lucky he's so loved...this is true for many husbands I'm sure.


  1. Yes ma'am...I'm lucky if mine will put his dishes in the dishwasher at all and when I ask him why he didn't his response is usually "I didn't know if it was dirty or clean"...to which my response is usually "Really babe?! You didn't think to look inside, huh?" Boys! You gotta love 'em though ;0)

  2. Totally hear ya here! Although mine is slowly being "trained" (it's taken awhile). He'll do the dishes now sometimes, but refuses to clean out the sink and drain! Alas...I'll take what I can get :-) I left such a long comment on "Gigi", but I don't think it went through...bummer. Hope you're having a great day today!

  3. My husband is like Nadine's. For some reason, he just can't bring himself to put things in the dishwasher... It must be a man thing.

    I love it that he comes home for lunch. I'm gonna add that to my list of reasons I should quit work! I can have lunch prepared!