Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Father's Little Dividend

I just got done watching this movie selection for this week called Father's Little Dividend. It stars Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor.  The story should be familiar to you all because there was a remake of these films (the first one being Father of the Bride) done in the 1990's.  But this was the original follow up to the 1950's Father of the Bride where the daughter (Elizabeth Taylor) has a baby. I have always liked Father's Little Dividend better than Father of the Bride...I don't know why they are both good but this one makes me laugh out loud whereas the latter is just sweet.
There's so many parts of this movie I connect to. One being that Spencer Tracy (who plays the father) has always reminded me of my dad.  My dad is very funny and kind and a peacemaker.  Spencer is all of this in this weeks movie as well (although my dad likes babies more than he does.) Another reason, being a newlywed, I relate to the young couples struggles and up and down emotions.  It's very fun. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds like a fun movie! :)

  2. where do you get all these cute older movies from? The library, because I had a hard time finding Audrey Hepburn movies at Blockbuster so I doubt they'll have any of these...hmmm...