Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ah ha! So for a while now Chris (my hubs) has been teaching me chess...I am not an unwilling student but I am a crazy student.  Chris would tell me the names of the pieces and I'll rename them. For instance, the bishop (I think) is called grumpy face. And the knights are called ponies...and I'll make his pony and mine kiss (cause they love each other, Romeo and Juliet style).  We've been playing and playing and I always lose.  But last night something great happened I finally won! YES! I'm really not a bad loser or really even care if I win or lose, but seriously after like 30 times you get tired of playing the game! Anyways, it was awesome!


  1. Ahahaha!! So funny! I love that you rename them! I laughed out loud when I read this! Grumpy face is my favorite :) We need to get together and I will show you some fun blog things! Love you!

  2. Just too darn cute Meg! Hugs Renee' =^)