Friday, February 12, 2010

Mary Blair

Hello All! So a little bit of my background I never could figure out what I wanted to do "when I grew up." I didn't ever have anything much planned except that I wanted to stay home and be like June Cleaver.  I hated in high school when you had to career test and job shadow...I'll never forget that one test told me I should be an allergist.  What?! Why?! Pee-u.  So I went to college and the first two years I had no idea what I wanted to be...I liked history and literature so I stuck with those types of classes but then also on the side I always was in art classes.

So the time came to choose my major and I picked history...went to the orientation heard what they had to say and said to myself "I will not enjoy this and maybe I won't finish if I pick this." So I had a drawing teacher who told me that I would be an art major and I would always say no...then I did! I was one.  I can't say it was the best decision...I loved it and then I hated it...I lost so so much of my own artistic voice in the process because of harsh critiques and narrow project criteria.  So then last December, when I finished my degree I was relieved and since then I have yet to do anything artistic (I'm talking like drawing, painting, collage etc.)

But this lady, Mary Blair...a wonderful artist kept me going and inspired when I was in school and now!   Mary Blair is most noted for her work for the Walt Disney Co. where she did concept art for animated films.  She was so unique that Disney asked her to design It's a Small World ride for the 1964 World's Fair...the ride was so popular that it was brought to Disneyland and is still very much enjoyed today! She is my favorite inspiration for what I like to do best which is taking colored paper and making a scene out of it.  So I'm going to pick up my supplies again and slowly ease my way back into art!  If you're interested google Mary Blair! She's a great inspiration for children's rooms!


  1. That sounds neat! And that picture is really pretty! There's a paper art that I like to do too. I'm trying to start working on it again and hopefully I'll have something decent to share in a week or two. I hope you can get into the groove and start creating! :)

  2. Hmmm... childrens rooms? I left something for you on my blog! Love you!