Thursday, February 18, 2010

They did not thirst when he led them through the deserts...

I know I haven't been blogging for a while...Chris and I were at a conference starting on Monday in Southern California.  It was really great on many levels.  One thing was that Chris' family lives in So. Cal. so we got to catch up with them and that is always really fun! The weather was perfect and Chris' mom's place is to die for (over looking the ocean...I know!)
Another reason it was great was because Chris and I got to go to Disneyland...which we love...and again the weather was lovely and it wasn't crowded the best thing to do there is people watch (if you like people watching) it's delightful, because people are so happy there and kids are so uninhibited! We just sat there watching people and chuckling!
The third reason it was great was because the conference we went to was amazing.  It's called the On-Target Conference. Which is designed for pastors and other leaders in the church but mainly pastors to come together and get a little fellowship time but really to get challenged to stay "on-target."
It's been really awesome for me since I've been married to be able to learn so so much in such a short amount of time. I really didn't want to move here, away from my hometown and family and church family. At times it feels like being cast out into the desert.  I didn't understand why this was in God's plan for us.  But as I look back on these 3 months I can see how much I have learned out here in the desert how you can find the springs of water in what seems to be a very dry place.  If you never venture out of the comfort of familiarity then maybe you aren't living up to your full potential as a Christ follower.
So all this comes into culmination at this conference as I was listening to a message on The Great Commission. I never have ever wanted to be involved in foreign missions, I used to help out in the youth ministry and every year they went to Mexico on a mission and every year I said no.  Ok first things first, if you say no....eventually God will make you say yes. The first day of this message I was like "I don't like Jesus anymore" because I was truly that uncomfortable with what was being pressed on my heart. The next day I heard "Does your heart break for what breaks God's heart? At the end of you life will you only have to show for your self a live of self serving comforts?" Oh...don't get me wrong...I am all over the place serving the church at my church being involved in anything my skills are suited for.  Serving only those who already know and love Christ...only. Does my heart break for the I even think about it much or at Are you really following after Christ then? Yikes I don't know, not if I feel this bad about how I answered those questions.  I'm so excited to be at this place! So excited to have been given a new perspective on this life I have and on the world I live in.  Praise God!! I read Isaiah 43:1-13 today...I feel renewed!

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