Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's Happening?!

So I've been married for a couple months now...and I've been 24 for less than half a year now.  Honestly getting married and turning 24 I guess means my body wants to quit working.  What was once a fairly good metabolic rate is now ka-put.  What the heck?!  So anyways last night I decided I am one of those you know what I mean? One of those people who have a "sugar allergy." This is a self diagnosed condition here's how it plays out (go with me)

Person~"You can't eat sugar? Why?"

Me~"I'm allergic..."


Me~"Yup, when I eat it certain "undesirable" body parts grow larger.  Then my clothes stop fitting properly. It's horrible..."

Person~"Sounds like it."

So anyways that's it...sugar I'm sorry but if I get anymore involved with you then bad things are going to happen. I won't allow you to ruin my summer...

(I'm sorry you all had to view my public break-up.) See you all soon!


  1. Everyone I know has gained weight after they got married. It must be part of it. ;)

  2. haha...I love it! :0) I gained 20lbs the first year...I had no idea where it came was crazy. It happens before you realize it. Thankfully I lost it the year after and have now been able to keep it off.