Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Favortive Beverage

Hello All! Alright so I am a known and probably documented Diet Pepsi drinker.  It's my blanket I think...I don't know if it actually keeps me trim or not but I quite enjoy it just the same.  However, although I don't think actual soda is harmful maybe diet drinks can be - allegedly (I'm not trying to get into any trouble here) And I'm on this kick to think about what I'm consuming...and all I can think of now that's in our house that is probably not the greatest is my Diet drink.

So I'd like to share with you a new favorite of mine.  It's really nice in a small portion in the mornings! It's called Santa Cruz Organic Juice. 100% certified organic.  Plus I love that it comes in a glass jar...another kick I'm on is to stop buying things that come in plastics.  Glass is super totally renewable, meaning it doesn't lose it's quality like plastics and paper can.  Best of all it really delicious and healthy too! 


  1. Yumm! I wish it had peach in it though :)

    You are a blogging machine! Are you coming into town this weekend at all? Maybe we can make it up that way next weekend, I don't think we have anything going on, let me know what your plans are for the weekend of the 19th.


  2. Hi they probably have peach juices! In fact I'm sure they do! We don't have any plans for this weekend and next weekend is open too! Let's plan something!

  3. I am trying to let go of my pop habbit too. I don't think I'll ever totally quit, but I'm trying to drink a lot more water.

    I've been thinking a lot about glass lately too. I've thought about posting about it a couple of times. Why don't all bottling companies go back to glass. It's way better for the environment and better for us too. I would love to get rid of all our plastic containers and replace them with glass. That will be a slow process though, since it will cost some $$. ;)

    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. Isn't it true Tea...companies used to bottle everything in glass! What happened?