Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm sad today.  Since I got married this past November, I've been trying to find a job for myself.  I have been on 2 interviews (which is a feat in itself because it seems that no one is hiring) and I just received word from the second place that they aren't going to hire me.  I have, before this, have never not been offered the job I've interviewed for...but this is a different time I guess.  Anyways I'm just discouraged today. I know that God has a plan for me and down the road when I have a job I will see how He was at work the whole time...


  1. Hang in there girlie...I've been looking for something for a long's unfortunately a bad time to be looking for work right now. Like you said GOD has a plan for us. Maybe he just wants you to enjoy being a a newlywed that is a great blessing. I do wish I had more time in the beginning of our marriage to get used to it all and learn about cooking and cleaning ....organizing...and just being a godly homemaker/wife in general. Praying for you friend. :0)

  2. Don't get me wrong...I'm itching to go back to work too, I get so restless sitting at home alone all day but it is a blessing to have the time to be able to accomplish so much at home. Hopefully you'll find something soon :0)

  3. Oh no, that stinks. You know something will come along, you just may have to widen your comfort zone a little bit- maybe God is trying to stretch you into something you may not be familiar with. You have SO much to offer, when it is right, you will find the right job- but I know you know that. Enjoy this time to be home... I know finding a job means a lot of other change as well, but that will come!

    I love you! Call me if you need help with the shower, I am handling things better and don't mind helping.


  4. I'll be praying for you as well. Don't get discouraged. God does not run according to our economy. He can provide a job for you even when it seems impossible.